Umarkets reviews from real clients (umarkets review)

Forex broker Umarkets (UMarkets) is a platform for traders created 5 years ago (in 2014). Each registered member can count on 24/7 support from specialists, and for beginners there are pleasant bonuses prepared: free online trading without prior download, free demo account and startup bonus. The platform allows clients to trade literally in one click. We will tell you about the specifics of Umarkets (what is umarkets?), and you can also analyze umarkets reviews alone.

How is the registration process? Is the work of Umarkets legal?

To start working and earning directly on the platform UMarkets (Umarkets) client must necessarily pass registration. This operation takes literally a few minutes. After that, the trader receives a personal cabinet and a personal online account on the site. First of all, you should open the site of Umarkets company. In the upper right corner click on “Open an account”, in the window that appears we specify the following personal data:

  • first and last name;
  • email address
  • contact phone number
  • country of residence (choose from the drop-down list).

After that we agree with all the terms and conditions and press the “Register” button. During the registration the first pleasant surprise is already prepared for you – it is 30% bonus (as soon as you replenish your account, umarkets gives you the sum of 30% of the deposit). You will then need to come up with a login password and umarkets login. In the following times, to enter the personal account on the site in the upper right corner select “umarkets sign in” and enter the data.

Licensed work of Umarkets company

It is always scary to invest money, so you should always check companies (not only read reviews, but also look for information about the registration of the project and documents about its licensing). Does umarkets forex broker (umarkets forex traders) have a licence (is umarkets legit)? The answer is “Yes!”. So, in 2014 in the state of Belize, located in Central America, the registration of the Umarkets project took place. The rights to this brand belong to the company Maxi Services Ltd, and licensing was conducted by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission of the state) and the Financial Commission of Belize. The relevant documents can be found on the website.

Trading accounts Umarkets

Before you start trading and earning on the platform, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the trading conditions and accounts in advance. As for the terms and conditions, umarkets forex broker (umarkets forex traders) does not charge any additional commissions, as well as does not set a limit on deposits. The leverage has a ratio of 1:400, but the spread is only from 1 point. Let’s take a closer look at trading accounts, there are only 4 types, so:

  • Mini account.
  • Standard.
  • Gold account.
  • Platinum account.
  • Let’s consider each of them in detail.
  • Mini account

This type of account is created for newly registered traders. It is enough to transfer $500 to the account, you can transfer more. The spread is fixed, and funds can be transferred in two currencies – dollars and euros. Having a mini account, you will be able to make your first steps in the sales of YuMarkets, to understand the specifics of work and further withdrawal of funds. In general, it is an excellent base for beginners.

Standard account

The standard account is created for experienced traders. The minimum amount of deposits to the account is $5,000. The spread is also fixed, but in this case the user has access to absolutely all features, including the ability to graphically and technically analyse all buy and sell indicators.

Gold account

This type of account is suitable for those who have a good understanding of the currency exchange and are not afraid to make significant deposits (the minimum deposit amount is $10,000). Also, a gold account provides the user with bonuses and advantages, namely: a personal manager providing 24-hour feedback (umarkets feedback), fixed spread, contribution in dollars and euros, unlimited opportunities to work on the platform Umarkets (UMarkets).

Platinum account

Platinum account is created for those who have a great experience of trading on Umarkets (umarkets forex). The minimum deposit amount is $35,000. The client is provided with a VIP-manager, individual telephone line, all news comes in the form of sms-notifications, personal broker who will prepare actual market reviews (umarkets broker review) and many other advantages.

Umarkets trading platforms

Only data from Trading Central is used to organise the work of the Umarkets platform. Its main job is to carry out investment research for the financial market. All data is thoroughly checked, thanks to this, the company has received many awards for its accurate readings.

In addition, the developers of Trading Central have created a programme called “Autochartist”. Its function is that it notifies traders about all upcoming changes in the markets, and the analysis of movements is shown in the form of a chart. Having learnt all the necessary data for work, the client of Umarkets (YuMarkets) goes to work on one of three platforms:

  • MetaTrader. The original platform of Umarkets. It supports indicators, optimises the trading process. The client can use CFD tool.
  • WebTrader. Has a huge number of inbuilt tools that greatly simplify the trader’s work. Simple interface and comfortable working conditions on the market.
  • Mobile Trader. You can work with this platform from any device (personal computer, smartphone). All events on the financial market are displayed in one window. In case of change of indicators on the market, the client’s smartphone receives an alert.

Umarkets trader reviews (umarkets review): Umarkets are scammers?

Having worked on the platform Umarkets (UMarkets) clients leave their reviews on various sites and forums. Of course, all of them are ambiguous, some assure that working with Umarkets is a pleasure, a lot of functions and simple withdrawal of funds pleases them, others say that there are much better platforms, and Umarkets should be used only by beginners. There are also those who say that umarkets scam, umarkets scam and umarkets scammers. Which of the above is true? Let’s familiarise ourselves with the reviews.

Working at Umarkets

A lot of people say that they like both a simple interface and a lot of pleasant bonuses. In addition, in case of problems or questions, complaints (umarkets complaints) specialists always help in the shortest possible time.

Withdrawal of funds

The client can withdraw funds in several ways, namely: in bitcoins, via PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill and Neteller. After a withdrawal request, there is a crediting stage, it lasts about a day, then within 3-5 days the money will be withdrawn. There are a lot of negative reviews (umarkets reviews) on the Internet under the slogan “Umarkets scammers”, arguing that the withdrawal of funds did not happen. Read the reviews of traders who do not agree with this statement.

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